All details you need to know about Anycast DNSAll details you need to know about Anycast DNS

An explanation of Anycast DNS

Fast data transmission and reception are made possible by Anycast DNS, a type of communication or routing technology. Using this technique, a single IP address can be typed into several DNS servers worldwide. Any of them can reply to the request, and often, it is the server that is located closest to the user. This dramatically accelerates the response time (DNS resolution).

How does it operate effectively?

When a device connects to the Internet, it uses its IP address to communicate with a server. This happens in one-to-one communication, which is the most fundamental type. This is acceptable, and DNS resolution may function, but if there is only one server with the information (an A record or an AAAA record) to answer. That server is located far away, some requests will have to travel great distances to get to it. The user won’t get the anticipated response if the server is down. Nobody will answer the question.


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