Free DNS service: Pros and ConsFree DNS service: Pros and Cons

Today we wil explore Free DNS service. If you are searching for DNS services, it can mean you have a business in mind. Good luck with it! Choosing a DNS service is a very important step to begin.

The common doubt is if a Free DNS service is a good choice to host a domain. Well, it depends on what exactly you have in mind and the specific needs of that business. Today, you can find pretty good Free DNS services to host almost any kind of domain. Let’s review its pros and cons to get a better picture of it.

Free DNS service pros


A Free DNS service can offer a basic but stable and reliable infrastructure to host your domain. Let’s understand basic as with some limitations when compared with a paid service. For instance, it can include fewer queries per month, fewer DNS zones, and points of presence (PoPs) for your business.


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Why should you treat yourself with Premium DNS?Why should you treat yourself with Premium DNS?

Today is the day! You have worked hard for your business, so you deserve to upgrade to Premium DNS!

A robust DNS service backing your business while providing the best features to operate constantly. Now it’s time for you only to be focused on strategy and success.

What’s Premium DNS?

Premium DNS is managed DNS. You know that any domain name needs DNS to exist online. Well, Premium DNS is a service that goes to the next level, offering you what’s required to enhance the general performance of your business, its security, and its constant accessibility. 

Discover great Premium DNS service plans available!


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