Why should you treat yourself with Premium DNS?

Today is the day! You have worked hard for your business, so you deserve to upgrade to Premium DNS!

A robust DNS service backing your business while providing the best features to operate constantly. Now it’s time for you only to be focused on strategy and success.

What’s Premium DNS?

Premium DNS is managed DNS. You know that any domain name needs DNS to exist online. Well, Premium DNS is a service that goes to the next level, offering you what’s required to enhance the general performance of your business, its security, and its constant accessibility. 

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Essentially, by acquiring a Premium DNS service, the DNS information of your domain name gets distributed on multiple servers worldwide. So no matter where on the planet visitors request your domain name, they will get a fast response because they will get connected to the closest server to their location. And yes, downtime won’t be anymore a headache for you. Such a service offers the necessary redundancy, so you don’t have to worry about going offline.

Through Premium DNS, you can completely control your domain, or multiple domain names, its administration, modifications, advanced DNS features, and settings. Besides, you can count on your provider’s support if needed.

Why should you treat yourself with Premium DNS?

Constant uptime

Give yourself and your visitors the reliability that multiple points of presence (PoPs) around the world can offer. In simple words, you won’t be nervous whenever a server has to be shut down due to maintenance, a technical issue, or a cyber attack hits. With such a robust network on your side, the domain name will keep going, answering uninterruptedly DNS requests. 

Choose a quality provider! Some have power grids, anti-flood protection, fault lines, and more to guarantee their service won’t be disrupted.

Great speed and general performance

Premium DNS will give your business the power (infrastructure) to run fast and efficiently. This will translate into an excellent experience for your visitors and more sales. Having your business’ DNS distributed in different servers will directly improve the speed of the DNS resolution process and loading time. The superior features this service provides you also will run smoothly. As a result, you can get precisely what you have been looking for: reliability, availability, and stronger security!

Enhanced security

You deserve to sleep without nightmares linked to cyber attacks and other threats. And you can extend this benefit to your visitors. The security features of Premium DNS are seriously superior. They are the strong base you need to design a bullet-proof security strategy.

Scalability up or down

All online businesses need DNS to work, but they all have different needs. Premium DNS plans are flexible, and they allow you to scale up or down the service based on your real needs.


You should treat yourself with Premium DNS! Relying on such a complete and reliable service will give you peace and the power to plan and reach your next milestones!

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