Free DNS service: Pros and Cons

Today we wil explore Free DNS service. If you are searching for DNS services, it can mean you have a business in mind. Good luck with it! Choosing a DNS service is a very important step to begin.

The common doubt is if a Free DNS service is a good choice to host a domain. Well, it depends on what exactly you have in mind and the specific needs of that business. Today, you can find pretty good Free DNS services to host almost any kind of domain. Let’s review its pros and cons to get a better picture of it.

Free DNS service pros


A Free DNS service can offer a basic but stable and reliable infrastructure to host your domain. Let’s understand basic as with some limitations when compared with a paid service. For instance, it can include fewer queries per month, fewer DNS zones, and points of presence (PoPs) for your business.


Free DNS can offer you from very decent to average speed. Not bad at all to run an online business. Many providers offer Free and Premium DNS for their clients. It means their infrastructure is robust. So even if you don’t have access to all the features their Premium services have, you will still use the same base.


Currently, a quality Free DNS will surely provide you with enough features to operate your domain.


Free DNS offers very decent uptime but not the ideal 100%. Not all businesses are mission-critical. Think about your needs, and if your business can afford downtime occasionally, it can work very well.


Yes, you can scale your service if a Free DNS service is already not enough to handle your growth, just it won’t be free anymore. But this is more a pro than a con. It is a common and smart strategy to get Free DNS service as a starting point. Then, once your business needs increase, you jump to a paid service. By then, you already got experience with the service, and you can better understand your needs and if your provider is good or not.

Free DNS service cons

  • Limited infrastructure

In terms of infrastructure, some Free DNS services are competitive, but some can be very limited. Check this very well because it can affect the overall performance of your domain. Big matters can be at stake: availability, speed, security, and the experience you offer to users. You need some room to grow and enhance these factors.

  • Worse performance

A Free DNS could struggle to handle very high loads of traffic of a global business. It is connected with the infrastructure factor. Running such a business with one or two servers can be tough.

  • Not 100% uptime

It doesn’t offer 100% uptime because it doesn’t have the redundancy level of a paid service. You risk being attacked by cybercriminals.

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Free DNS service is a good choice if you pick a reliable provider. Only be aware of its limits. If they don’t mean a brake for your business to grow, go ahead!

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