Email Forwarding: Definition & DetailsEmail Forwarding: Definition & Details

Are you looking for a way to keep your inbox clean and organized? Look no further – Email Forwarding is the answer! It is a powerful tool that utilizes Domain Name System (DNS) records to route emails sent from one address to another and keeps your inbox streamlined and organized. With it, you can create email aliases, easily manage multiple accounts with one primary mailbox, and even password-protect forwarded emails for an extra security measure. Let’s take a closer look into Email redirection – what it is, why it’s beneficial, and how to take advantage of it.

What is SMTP and how does it work?


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​Domain parking – Everything you need to know​Domain parking – Everything you need to know

What does domain parking mean?

Domain parking is the practice of registering a domain name without actively using it for a website or email, only to place it “on hold” or “parked”. Since to park a domain, you have to register it, the domain parking became a service itself offered by registrars. It is not strange that people use this service to own a static HTML page with very little information like the future purpose of the domain or contact means.

At this point, you should be wondering, why park a domain? Well, there are different answers to this, but let’s start by saying that it can be a source of profits for you.


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7 guidelines for choosing a DNS hosting provider7 guidelines for choosing a DNS hosting provider

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient DNS hosting provider? You’re in luck! Today, we’ll explore the seven guidelines for choosing a DNS hosting provider to help ensure your website runs at optimal speeds. As someone who knows the value of having an uninterrupted online presence, this should be noticed. In addition, with the right service provider, you can enjoy advanced features like increased security, improved performance, and enhanced flexibility without breaking your budget. So buckle up as I take you on a journey through all the things you need to know about why investing in a DNS hosting provider makes perfect sense!

Which DNS features are fundamental?

The DNS plans contain a large number of extra parameters. So what precisely do you need, then? Here are some of the most typical characteristics you need to be aware of:


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Free DNS service: Pros and ConsFree DNS service: Pros and Cons

Today we wil explore Free DNS service. If you are searching for DNS services, it can mean you have a business in mind. Good luck with it! Choosing a DNS service is a very important step to begin.

The common doubt is if a Free DNS service is a good choice to host a domain. Well, it depends on what exactly you have in mind and the specific needs of that business. Today, you can find pretty good Free DNS services to host almost any kind of domain. Let’s review its pros and cons to get a better picture of it.

Free DNS service pros


A Free DNS service can offer a basic but stable and reliable infrastructure to host your domain. Let’s understand basic as with some limitations when compared with a paid service. For instance, it can include fewer queries per month, fewer DNS zones, and points of presence (PoPs) for your business.


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Why should you treat yourself with Premium DNS?Why should you treat yourself with Premium DNS?

Today is the day! You have worked hard for your business, so you deserve to upgrade to Premium DNS!

A robust DNS service backing your business while providing the best features to operate constantly. Now it’s time for you only to be focused on strategy and success.

What’s Premium DNS?

Premium DNS is managed DNS. You know that any domain name needs DNS to exist online. Well, Premium DNS is a service that goes to the next level, offering you what’s required to enhance the general performance of your business, its security, and its constant accessibility. 

Discover great Premium DNS service plans available!


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All details you need to know about Anycast DNSAll details you need to know about Anycast DNS

An explanation of Anycast DNS

Fast data transmission and reception are made possible by Anycast DNS, a type of communication or routing technology. Using this technique, a single IP address can be typed into several DNS servers worldwide. Any of them can reply to the request, and often, it is the server that is located closest to the user. This dramatically accelerates the response time (DNS resolution).

How does it operate effectively?

When a device connects to the Internet, it uses its IP address to communicate with a server. This happens in one-to-one communication, which is the most fundamental type. This is acceptable, and DNS resolution may function, but if there is only one server with the information (an A record or an AAAA record) to answer. That server is located far away, some requests will have to travel great distances to get to it. The user won’t get the anticipated response if the server is down. Nobody will answer the question.


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Managed DNS – Definition & BenefitsManaged DNS – Definition & Benefits

A handy tool for controlling your Domain Name System is Managed DNS. We are all aware of how crucial DNS is. Without it, there would be no Internet! However, a frequent query is: Should it exceed the minimum? Yes, using a Managed DNS service is advised if you wish to increase the resolution of your domain. But in today’s post, we will examine why this is vital.

What does the term Managed DNS mean?

You may manage your Domain Name System data with Managed DNS, which is a convenient solution. Specialized businesses mainly provide it, commonly referred to as hosting providers. You will access their servers once you decide on a provider and the best plan for you. In fact, you will be able to manage your data—precisely, thanks to this service.

Improve your website performance with Managed DNS service!


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