​Domain parking – Everything you need to know

What does domain parking mean?

Domain parking is the practice of registering a domain name without actively using it for a website or email, only to place it “on hold” or “parked”. Since to park a domain, you have to register it, the domain parking became a service itself offered by registrars. It is not strange that people use this service to own a static HTML page with very little information like the future purpose of the domain or contact means.

At this point, you should be wondering, why park a domain? Well, there are different answers to this, but let’s start by saying that it can be a source of profits for you.

What can domain parking be useful for?

  1. To reserve a great domain name

Great word combinations or ideas for a domain name are hard to get. When you think of an amazing name for a domain, you want to register it immediately, not to risk someone else taking it. It frequently happens that owners get the ideal domain name before the website is completely designed and programmed. You can use domain parking to reserve the domain name. Once you have it, you can continue building your business and notify the users, through a simple and static page, that a great new business is on the way!

  1. To try pay-per-click advertising

You can use domain parking with the idea of inserting ads on a landing page. The objective is to get money from the clicks of the users on those ads. This is not about building a complete website. It is much simpler than that. Only a landing page that is waiting for clicks and producing a passive income for you.

  1. To monetize through other alternatives

Domain parking can be useful for more options of monetization. For instance, you can insert affiliate links and banners. You can also sign up for domain monetization services that pay you a share of the revenue produced by web visitors on your parked domain.

  1. To sell domain names

Many people have realized the fact that many attractive names are already in use. And they have seen an opportunity for a business there. They work either creating or hunting amazing domain names that can be attractive for different industries or fields. In the first case, they register them using domain parking. In the second, they patiently wait until they get available to buy, park, and resell them (domain flipping).

The main idea is to reserve the use of the domains, keep them parked, wait for clients and sell them.

To make it more profitable, domain name sellers invest in many domains, not only one or a couple. Consider this if you get interested.


Domain parking is a common and useful practice. To make money through it, you have to consider different factors, like the traffic the domain gets and the monetization alternative you try. It is not that you directly will become rich, but it can produce an extra passive income for you.

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